Lead Inspector Refresher - 8 hr Course

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Lead Inspector - Refresher: This EPA / State of Michigan course is required for all Lead Inpectors every three (3) years to keep certified. This is an EPA based course (8 hours) refreshing students on the fundamentals of performing lead inspections within "targeted housing" or "child occupied facilities". The course topics include: baskground information on lead, health effects, types of lead materials, location of lead materials in buildings, XRF, paint chip, dust, and soil sampling methods, adn report generation. Additionally, this course will assist students on keeping up with the current changes within the industry and new requirments from federal or state regulations. Includes a course exam. Students who take this course must be currenlty certified through and EPA approved program as a Lead Inspector. Upon completion of this course, students will send their certificate and fees to the MDCH - Healthy Homes Section and must pass the State third-party certification exam to continue their certification as a Lead Inspector. The Lead Inspector refresher training provides information for individuals who perform lead-based paint inspections and/or clearance examinations on abatement and renovation projects. This course will teach the legal obligations facing inspectors when inspecting for lead hazards, and individuals will learn to determine whether or not lead-based paint or other lead hazards are present in sufficient quantities to require abatement according to regulatory guidelines. This workshop prepares you to immediately apply your knowledge to the field, with real-world examples from experienced instructors.

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