Informational Docs

Contractors Training Institute, LLC which is an affilliate training and education provider with Michigan Builders Training, Builders Con-Ed, & Lead Renovator Training, LLC companies will always teach to make you more knowledgeable to be the best contractor you can be and also provide other information to make compliance easy.

This page has free information to help contractors comply with OSHA Laws & Regualtions. And Building Contractor rules & regulations for the State of Michigan.

OSHA is always present in your work to protect yourself & your employees. Please know OSHA Regulations and WORK SAFE!!

OSHA Asbestos in Construction Standard

<p>This is the Asbestos in Construction Standard for OSHA. This is the regulations to protect all workers from asbestos exposure</p>

OSHA Lead in Construction Standard

<p>Lead in Construction Standard under OSHA. This is part of working Lead Safe so to protect workers from lead exposure.</p>

Notice of Disciplinary Action for Employee

<p>Here is a template to handle a write up of an employee who has had disciplinary action.</p>

Is Your Company Ready For An OSHA Inspection?

<p>Helps you understand what to expect when OSHA does show up at your job, your responsibilities, questions your ask, who should follow, etc...</p>