Asbestos Non Friable On-line Training Course

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Asbestos Non-Friable On-line Training Course

Those who successfully complete this course are qualified only to address certain types of non-friable asbestos-containing materials (ACM), such as floor tile and roofing. They would not be able to address any friable ACM, such as asbestos-containing insulation, pipe materials, drywall compound, etc.. This course was developed by OHSA in response to a lawsuit from the flooring manufacturers. This certification allows flooring and roofing contractors to avoid having to become a full asbestos contractor but requires them to follow very specific removal techniques and document the applicability of the standard. The course topics include background information on asbestos, health effects, material-specific asbestos removal methods, cleaning up after asbestos projects, personal protective equipment, waste disposal, documentation for OSHA, etc... The course is eight (8) hours for workers performing labor with a twelve (12) hour supervisor overseeing the project and completing all the required documentation. Please note that while this class will show the contractor to remove one specific material without being licensed, they must still follow applicable asbestos removal techniques or face potential regulatory citations.

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