OSHA Class IV Asbestos Worker Training & Awareness

Course Description


The purpose of the course is to provide a basic overview of asbestos and its associated hazards in addition to satisfying the employee training requirements under OSHA regulations “Occupational Exposure to Asbestos.” The scope and content of this course are limited to the information essential to this requirement. This course meets the OSHA Class IV Worker Awareness Training.

Who needs it?

The MIOSHA asbestos standards require an asbestos building survey in buildings constructed prior to 1981. The Asbestos Standard for General Industry (Part 305) specifically requires an asbestos building survey at all worksite areas where asbestos may be contacted. The Asbestos Standard for Construction (Part 602) requires a survey of the worksite before construction work subject to the standard begins. It is the employer's responsibility to obtain and review the building survey prior to conducting any work activities that may involve contact and/or disturbance of asbestos-containing material.

Employees such as mechanical systems workers, plumbers, HVAC workers, elevator maintenance workers, construction site cleanup workers, electricians, etc., may come in contact with asbestos-containing material and, therefore, must receive asbestos awareness training.  This training ensures that construction workers can recognize asbestos hazards and know not to disturb the material. 

The Asbestos Program's primary function is to ensure that people working with asbestos are properly trained and that workers performing asbestos disturbance and/or removal activities comply with rules governing the work activity. These rules are designed to protect not only the employee performing asbestos abatement work but also the general public that occupies the areas or buildings where the work occurs. 



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