EPA RRP Certified Renovator Initial 8 Hr Class

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EPA RRP Lead Renovator Initial Course This course is the EPA Renovation, Repair, and Painting (RRP), which is a one-day course which provides basic lead-based paint information to contractors who perform renovations, repairs, and painting activities in houses built before 1978 or child-occupied facilities, as required by EPA and the State of Michigan. Course topics include: lead characteristics, uses, health effects on adults and children, lead-safe work practices to minimize lead containing dust during work activities, negative lead assessments, clean up procedures, post-cleaning verification, personal protection equipment, training of non-certified workers, and documentation. Includes course exam. Successful completion of this course and award of the training certificate qualifies the trainee as a Certified Renovator. EPA required, by April 22, 2010, for all contractors who work in pre-1978 housing and child occupied facilities, including: renovation contractors, maintenance workers in multi-family housing, painters, building supervisors & landlords, homeowners who are planning to remodel, and other specialty trades (plumbers, heating & cooling, electricians). We offer two (2) different courses: First, the day long (8 hour) training seminar will provide a certificate to individuals Second, the ½ day (4 hour) training seminar for current certified Lead Supervisors all of who will become designated as “EPA Certified Lead Renovators” In Class: Learn proper Lead Safe setup, work practices, and cleaning on renovation jobs. Learn about the Lead Paint pamphlet that renovators are required to hand out. Includes all books, hand outs & paperwork for applying for your EPA certification. The Certified Lead Renovator: * must be present at each work site for Target Housing (pre-1978) or Child Occupied Facilities (schools & day care) * must be on-site at each impacted building on a daily basis * must be at the job-site during paint testing, sign posting, work are set-up and clean-up phases of the work. * Provide training to the non-certified work staff that will be working on buildings affected by this regulation. * NOTE: Each contractor performing work that disturbs lead-based paint must have their own Certified Lead Renovator present – not just one per job site. *** This course is approved for builders continuing education credit hours.

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